With over 3 million servings sold each month, macaroni and cheese has become one of the most popular items on the menu at Panera Bread. To meet growing customer demand, Panera has introduced a new “Build Your Own Mac” experience to allow guests to customize their cheesy creations.

Customers who order through the Panera app or online can add a variety of toppings to their macaroni and cheese orders. Among these toppings are fresh avocado, pico de gallo, bacon, BBQ sauce, frizzled onions, smoked pulled chicken, and fresh cilantro. Up to five toppings can be selected (including two premium toppings – smoked pulled chicken, bacon, or avocado).

“As we look to the future, we’re focused on giving individual guests the meal that is exactly right for them, so we’re constantly working on new ways to customize even our iconic favorites, like Mac & Cheese,” says Blaine Hurst, Panera’s chief executive officer and president. “We’re doubling down on one of our most popular categories to offer even more options for people to eat what they want, precisely how they want it.”

In addition to the new Mac & Cheese Bar, Panera has also added three new curated Mac & Cheese offerings to its national menu, including Baja, BBQ Chicken, and Bacon Mac & Cheese.

“Our Mac & Cheese is so well loved, the idea of messing with a great thing was something we did not take lightly,” says Tom Sadler, Panera’s VP of food & beverage product development. “But we also think food should be fun—so we got into the kitchen and carefully selected toppings that we knew would complement our Mac & Cheese and offer fresh, exciting flavors. The new ‘Build Your Own Mac’ option gives guests one more layer of personalization to craft the flavor that’s perfect for them.”

This new experience is available at participating cafes in the 43 states nationwide where Panera offers delivery.