In a report released earlier this year, The Hershey Company found that young consumers love desserts. This influential generation not only finds desserts perfect for sharing on Instagram and other social media platforms, but also for enjoying one or more times per day.

According to its data, Hershey reports that 87 percent of Gen Z and Millennials think about eating dessert one or more times per day. Additionally, 76 percent of Gen Z and Millennials think dessert is essential to special occasions and 48 percent have a family tradition involving a specific dessert.

Clearly, dessert plays an important part of young consumers’ lives. Sometimes it can even take precedent over regular meals. The national study showed that half of all Gen Z consumers have ordered a dessert instead of an entrée at a restaurant.

Hershey’s study was conducted to “bring the missing research-based insights, data, and truth to the perception of branded dessert items and Hershey products.” Through its research, Hershey has determined that 55 percent of Gen Z and 54 percent of Millennials are more likely to order an item with branded ingredients they recognize, while 68 percent of Gen Z and 64 percent of Millennials would be likely to try a branded dessert for the first time.

While health is becoming more of a priority with these two generations, desserts have remained a strong preference for them and should continue to be a priority for retailers in the years to come.