Chocolate Pecan Sponge

Butter, 278.85g
Sea salt, 3.72g 
Honey, 74.36g 
Yolks, 278.85g
Pecan oil, 32.03g
Cocoa powder, 36g
Bread flour, 96.53g
10x (powdered sugar), 225.9g
Pecan flour Neg #14, toasted, 290g
Almond flour, 193g
Aged egg whites, 440.44g
Cream of tartar, 3.15g
Egg white powder, 5.15g
Sugar, 193.05g
Salt, 3.72g
100% unsweetened cocoa paste, 100g


Set the oven to 302-320°F, with vent open 15 minutes. Roast pecan flour at 302°F for 10 minutes. Process the 10x, pecan flour, cocoa powder and bread flour together. Place egg whites, egg white powder, cream of tartar in mixer with whisk attachment on medium speed. Add half the sugar slowly to egg and turn on higher speed. Switch to paddle. Mix on low speed add butter, salt and honey. Add yolks, pecan oil, and dry ingredients.

Chocolate Mousse

Milk, 300g
Egg yolks, 60g 
Sugar, 30g 
Anglaise, 300g
Araguani, 340g
Whipped cream, 35% fat, 450g

Pecan Nougatine

Sugar, 67.5g
Pectin, 1.35g
Glucose, 40.5g
Salted butter, 67.5g 
Pecan pieces, 94.5g


Mix 25% sugar with pectin. Melt butter, sugar, glucose, together and bring to 104°F, add pectin mix. Bring to a boil and add pecans. Bake 90g per 7" ring at 320°F and reserve.

Crumble (150G per base)

Butter, 62.5g
Cassonade, 30g
Powder sugar, 30g
Almond powder, 30g
Roasted pecans, 10g
Bread flour, 75g


Mix and pass through large tamis. Bake at 320°F 15 minutes


Crumble, 182.5g
Araguani, 30g
Grape seed oil, 9g
Fleur de sel (Black salt), ground, .75g
Cocoa butter, 5g
Pecans, toasted, 50g


Mix well with baked crumble, press into nougatine. Bake at 320°F for 15 minutes, until golden.

Ganache (90G per cake)

Heavy cream, 66.5g
Glucose, 16.5g
Butter, 10g
Caraibe 66%, 50g
Guanaja Lait 40%, 33g
chocolate cremeux, (120g per cake)
Bahibe 49%, 51.7g
Araguani 72%, 94.35g
Gelatin, 1.5g
Water, 7.5g
Yolks, 76.9g
Milk, 192.2g
Cream, 192.2g
Sugar, 38.4g
Bourbon vanilla, 0.18g
Tahitian bean, 0.18g

Tangerine Compote

Tangerine peel diced, 159.6g
Tangerine pulp, 319.2g
Sugar, 168g 
Nh pectin, 3.84g
Powdered gelatin, 12.4g
Glucose powder, 24g
Bottled water, 1000g
Salt, 4g
Baking soda, 1g
Ascorbic acid, 0.25g


Sous vide 194°F, 1 hour. Remove tangerine stems and skins. Blanch skins in water with salt, baking soda, and ascorbic acid. Blanch 3 times. 1st time: 10 minutes 2nd and 3rd time: 5 minutes each. Supreme segments and remove seeds. Robo coupe: hot process.

Chocolate Glaze (Utilize at 35°-40°C)

Sugar, 220g
Glucose, 322.5g
Water, 255g
Sweetened condensed milk, 268g
Gelatin, 45g
Water for Gelatin, 255g
Chocolate 100%, 190g
Black cocoa powder, 20g


Heat sugar, glucose, water and sweetened condensed milk to 217°F. Bloom gelatin in second water. Add chocolate, bloomed gelatin, and cooca powder and blend gently with immersion blender. Cover and reserve until use.


Formulation courtesy of John Kraus, Patisserie 46