White wheat flour, 150g
Whole wheat flour, 50g 
Dark rye, 25g 
Buckwheat flour, 25g
Salt, 7g
Water, 190g
Liquid levain, 250g 
Mother starter (stiff starter), 50g
Water, 100g
Whole wheat flour, 100g


Give your starter 12 hour room temperature fermentation. Mix dough by hand (three folds at one hour intervals). Cover dough with flour and put dough in upside down, cloth lined bowl (final shape will be round). Put that in the refrigerator for 28 to 38 hours.

Preheat convection oven to 500°F with cast iron Dutch oven (Dutch oven lid in the oven, but not on the Dutch oven). Take your dough out of refrigerator, score the top (whatever way you want to) 1/2 inch deep. Place dough into the Dutch oven and cover with lid. Drop the temperature to 460°F. Bake for 30 minutes. Open oven and remove Dutch oven lid to finish (five to 10 minutes depending on desired color). Bread is done when the bottom thumps hollow. Allow to cool completely.

Note: Bread will taste the best on the second or third day. (This recipe incorporates two grains and a nitrogen fixing plant.)


Formulation courtesy of Zach Golper, Bien Cuit Bakery