Whole Almonds  100g
Oats  45g
Pink Lady Apples  100g
Bananas  60g
Dried Pineapples  20g
Dried Cranberries  20g
Raisins  20g 
Chocolate Chips  30g
CARAÏBE 66% chocolate  80g 


1. Place the almonds and oats seperately on a single tray and bake at 320ºF (150ºC) until they are toasted.

2. Peel the apples and bananas and dice into small cubes. Dry in the oven at 320ºF (150ºC) for 10 to 15 minutes. 

3. Once they have cooled, roughly blend the almonds in an electric mixer. Mix the oats with the dried fruit, almonds and chocolate chips.

4. Mix carefully with the melted CARAÏBE 66% chocolate.

5. Press the mixture into a rectangle baking dish lined with baking paper.

6. Leave to harden. 


Formulation courtesy of Valrhona Chocolates