Trigal Dorado Bolillo Mix 1/50 lb

BakeSense Cream Cheese 1/30 lb

Trigal Dorado Fresh Yeast 25/1 lb



Mix the dough following the directions provided on the bag of Trigal Dorado Bolillo Mix for a small batch. Divide dough into 4 ounce pieces. Let the pieces rest for 15 minutes.

Prepare the jalapeño cream cheese filling by mixing 8 oz. of canned jalapeños with 4 ¼ LB BakeSense Cream Cheese.

Make Up

Once the dough pieces have sufficiently rested, flatten them into approx. 4” squares. Place 1.5 oz. of jalapeño cream cheese filling (see recipe above) in the center of each square. Fold the top of the dough over the filling and shape into a bolillo.

Place on a paper lined or greased baking tray and wash with egg wash.

Proof and Bake

Proof at 100°F/80% for approximately 45 minutes. Remove from proofer and give the bolillos 5 minutes floor time.

Make 3 diagonal cuts across the top of each bolillo, deep enough to show the cream cheese.

Bake at 400°F in a convection oven for 12-15 minutes with 15 seconds steam until the bolillos have a light golden brown color.

Approx. Yield: 50 – 4 oz. bolillos

Recipe courtesy of BakeMark