Westco Richblend Cake Donut Mix   1/50 LB

Bakesense Palm Fry Shortening   1/50 LB

Bakesense Canned Pumpkin   6/10 LB

Westco Spice Pumpkin Pie   1/1 LB

Bakesense Spice Cinnamon Ground   1/10 LB



Batter: Scale 5 LB Westco Richblend Cake Donut Mix, 8 oz. BakeSense Canned Pumpkin, ¾ oz. Westco Pumpkin Pie Spice and 2 LB 2 oz. water. Mix these ingredients together for one minute on low then 2 minutes on medium speed. Use your scale to weight all the ingredients, including the water. Use your thermometer to determine the proper water temperature to achieve a dough temperature of 72°F. Let the batter rest for 15 minutes.

Cinnamon Sugar: Mix 1 ¼ oz. BakeSense Ground Cinnamon per 1 LB of granulated sugar.


Fry at 375°F for 55-60 seconds per side in BakeSense Palm Fry Shortening. Drain the donuts for 60 seconds. Let the donuts completely cool down.


After the donuts have cooled to approx. 85-95°F, roll them in cinnamon sugar.

Approx. Yield: 61 – 2 oz. donuts


Formulation courtesy of BakeMark