BakeQwik Chocolate Chips Cookies   175/2.25 OZ

Westco Smooth As Silk Fudge Icing    1/45 LB

C'est Vivant Semisweet Chocolate Chips 1M   1/30 LB



Place BakeQwik Chocolate Chips Cookies on paper lined baking trays, 12 per tray, equally spaced. Let them thaw 15-30 minutes at room temperature until soft to the touch.

To create the body of your chocolate spiders, add a couple of C’est Vivant SemiSweet Chocolate Chips on the top of each cookie, flat side down.


Bake the BakeQwik Chocolate Chips Cookies according to the instructions on the side of the box. Let the cookies cool down.


After the cookies have completely cooled, pipe spider legs around each chocolate chips you added on the top of the cookies using Westco Smooth As Silk Fudge Icing.


Formulation courtesy of BakeMark