Tart Dough:                                            Grams
Unsalted Butter                                      300
Powdered Sugar                                     10X 185
Whole Eggs                                           100
American Almond Blanched Almond Flour 60
All-Purpose Flour                                    500
Salt pinch

 Pumpkin Mousse:                                 Grams
Whole Milk                                            137.5
Heavy Cream                                         225
Pumpkin Purée                                      375
Granulated Sugar                                   112.5
Brown Sugar                                          112.5
Egg Yolks                                              225
Sheet Gelatin, soaked                            17
Lightly Whipped Cream                           337.5
Chopped Walnuts and Raisins as needed
Neutral Tart Glaze as needed




1. For the Tart Dough: Cream together the butter and granulated sugar. Add the whole eggs a little at a time.  Sift together the American Almond Blanched Almond Flour and all-purpose flour. Add to the creamed butter mixture with the salt. Mix well on slow speed. Refrigerate until ready to use.

2. Line individual tart pans with the short dough, rolled about 1/4- thick. Bake blind until cooked through. Cool tart shells.

3. For the Pumpkin Mousse: Combine the milk and heavy cream.  Heat until just coming to a boil.

4. Combine the egg yolks and pumpkin purée.  Temper with some of the heated milk mixture.

5. Pour the tempered egg yolk mixture into the remaining boiling milk. Cook over medium heat, whisking constantly just until the custard has thickened.

6. Remove from the heat.  Add the soaked gelatin sheets. Then chill over an ice bath.

7. Chill until thick in an ice bath, stirring regularly to prevent lumps from forming, until the custard reaches 75°F or slightly cooler.  Fold in the whipped cream, walnuts and raisins.

8. Divide between the baked tart shells. Decorate each tart with more of the mousse using a St. Honoré pastry tip. Garnish with walnuts and tart glaze.


Formulation courtesy of American Almond