American Almond Natural Almond Flour or Roasted Granulated Almonds 16.8 oz. - 21%
Soy or Whey Protein Powder 8.4 oz. - 10.5%
Shredded Coconut 8.4 oz. - 10.5%
American Almond Roasted Almond Butter 16.8 oz. - 21%
Coconut Oil 12.8 oz. - 16%
Honey 4.2 oz. - 5.3%
Puffed Brown Rice Cereal or Puffed Quinoa 12.56 oz. - 15.7%




1. Grind the American Almond Natural Almond Flour, protein power and shredded coconut together in the bowl of a food processor until fine. Add the American Almond Roasted Almond Butter and process into a uniform paste.
2. Melt the coconut oil and honey together.
3.In a separate bowl, combine the melted coconut oil, honey, almond mixture and puffed rice cereal. Pack into bar molds. Freeze.
4.Enrobe the bars in Callebaut Coating Chocolate


Formulation courtesy of American Almond