Tres Leches Cake Mix 1/50 lb

Macaroon Cookie Mix (Mac-Mix) 1/40 lb

Gourmet Raspberry Filling 1/20 lb


Bake the Sheet

Scale and mix the batter, following the directions on a bag of our Trigal Dorado Tres Leches Cake Mix. Scale at 2-3 pounds of batter into a paper lined full sheet pan (depending on the size of roll you desire). Bake (320ºF in a rack oven for 8-10 minutes; 350ºF in a reel oven for 10-12 minutes) until light golden in color.

Fill and Roll

Using a spatula, spread a thin and even layer of Westco Gourmet Raspberry Filling over the entire sheet. Then, using the paper as an aid, roll the sheet tightly and refrigerate or freeze. The sheets roll best while still warm.

Apply Outer Filling

Apply a thin coating of Westco Gourmet Raspberry Filling evenly over the entire roll (including the bottom of the roll).

Coat and Cut

Roll the entire log in Westco Macaroon Cookie Mix (Mac-Mix); then cut in to desired sized pieces. One inch wide slices will yield 24 slices per sheet.

Recipe courtesy of BakeMark

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