Ingredients Metric/g
Almond flour 450
Confectioner's sugar 450
Egg whites 160
Sugar 400
Lavender honey 50
Water 120
Purple color 2 drops



Grind and then sift the confectioners’ sugar and almond flour together. Put in a large bowl. Cook the sugar, water and honey to 244°. Stream the sugar solution into the whipping whites and beat until room temp. Fold the meringue into the almonds and confectioners’ sugar. Continue folding until the paste falls back on itself. Add color. Pipe onto a silpat with an 804 tip. Garnish half with lavender blossoms. Bake at 320° for about 12 minutes. Ideally, store in refrigerator overnight before filling. Spread evenly into a fleximold or half sheet pan and freeze.


Ganache Ingredients

Ingredients Metric/g
Araguani or other 70% chocolate 500
Lavender honey 75
Heavy cream 250
Lavender blossoms 10
Butter 10



Chop chocolate finely. Place in bowl with honey. Infuse lavender in cream until aromatic. Strain over the chocolate. Whisk until completely melted. Mount in butter. Allow to crystallize at room temperature.