Baker’s Request Cake Mixes
Select White But-R-Crème Icing
Master Blend Hot Pink But-R-Crème Icing
Master Blend Leaf Green But-R-Crème Icing
Master Blend Blue But-R-Crème Icing
Master Blend Yellow But-R-Crème Icing
Master Blend Orange But – R- Crème icing


Bake cakes from desired Baker’s Request cake Mixes, following bag instructions.

For best results, freeze layers before icing. Base ice cakes with Select White But-R-Crème Icing and layer as desired.

The pink cake is a double layer, 9” round. To make the cake pink: prepare 4 shades of pink icing by mixing Hot Pink with White But-R-Crème Icing, increasing the ratio of white to pink to lighten the color. Use a rose tip to create the “flat ribbon” effect.

Begin at the bottom by piping 3 rows of Master Blend Hot Pink Icing. Pipe the next three rows using the shade lighter. Continue up the cake and even covering the top with increasingly lighter colors. After it is complete, use a large star tip to pipe a flower on the side of the cake.

Use a leaf tip and Leaf Green But-R-Crème Icing to finish the detail.

Formulation courtesy of Dawn Foods