R&H RichCreme Vanilla Cake Base
Select White But-R-Crème Cake Icing
Dawn Strawberry Icing Fruits
Green Tea Flavor Extract or Emulsion
Fortune Cookies
White Chocolate Coating


Prepare R&H RichCreme Vanilla Cake Base according to bag instructions. Add a green tea flavor emulsion at 1% formula weight. Scoop and bake into desired cupcake liners and bake according to the on the bag. Cool.

Combine 2lbs Select White But-R-Crème Icing and 1 oz of Dawn Strawberry Icing Fruits. Pipe onto cupcakes using a round tip.

Dip one end of a fortune cookie into melted white coating chocolate. Place cookies in a baking tray and rest in the cooler for 10 minutes. Remove and garnish cupcakes.

Formulation courtesy of Dawn Foods.