Lallemand/American Yeast announced it will increase its prices on yeast and ingredients in the United States and Canada, effective Feb. 6, 2011. As part of the price hikes, the company will increase compressed yeast prices by 4 cents per pound, liquid yeast prices by 2 cents per pound on an “as is basis,” and all dried yeasts (instant or inactive yeasts) by 6.35 cents per pound (14 cents a kg on an ex works basis).

“Most of the commodities that make up yeast’s production costs have been rising rapidly over the past few months and indications are for further increases in 2011,” Lallemand said. “Taxes, employee related health insurance premiums and wastewater treatment costs are also driving production costs up and the increasing transport costs are adding to the pressure.”

Lallemand said order minimums, lead times and fuel surcharges will be reviewed at the same time the price increases are implemented to better reflect changing cost factors.