Ingredients Kilograms Baker's %
Sir Galahad Flour 3.300 100
Water 3.300 100
Yeast 0.007 20
Total 6.607 220


Final Dough

Ingredients Kilograms
Sir Galahad Flour 6.700
Water 3.400
Salt 0.200
Yeast 0.103
Poolish 6.607
Total 17.010


Overall Formula

Ingredients Kilograms Baker's %
Sir Galahad Flour 10.000 100
Water 6.700 67
Salt 0.200 2
Yeast 0.110 1.1
Total 17.010 170.1



Poolish: Mix all the ingredients together. Cover and leave at room temperature until ripe. Adjust yeast percentage accordingly.

Final Dough: Add all the ingredients to the mixing bowl, and mix on first speed for 3 minutes to incorporate the ingredients.

Adjust the hydration as necessary. Mix on second speed for an additional 3 minutes, to moderate gluten development.

Desired Dough Temperature: 75°F.

Bulk Fermentation: 2 hours, with a fold after 1 hour.

Divide the dough into desired weights. Pre-shape, and when sufficiently relaxed, give a final shaping.

Final Proof: about 1 hour.

Bake: steam the oven, load the bread, and steam again.

Oven Temperature: 460°F. Bake time is dependent upon dough weight and shape.

Formulation courtesy of King Arthur Flour