Ingredients Bakers % Total %
Honey 14.63 111
Butter, Unsalted, Room Tempature 9.72 74
Eggs, Whole 10.33 78
Flour, Bread 100 757
Apricots, Dried, Diced 19.54 148
Cinnamon, Ground .26 2
Salt 1.38 10
Yeast, Fresh 1.38 10
Water 14.63 111
Milk 26.33 199
Total 198.20 1,500


Mix flour, water, milk, honey and eggs to make a medium dough. Add yeast, mix; add salt and cinnamon, then apricots; mix until homogenous. Knead only until elastic, add butter in pieces, knead till dough re-forms a ball.

1st fermentation

75 minutes.

Divide (8 ozs/225 g) and braid.

2nd fermentation

40 minutes (should be slightly underproofed so braids won’t ‘break’).

Egg wash before baking. Bake with gentle steam at 450°F for five minutes, then decrease oven temperature to 400°F and bake until well baked and all crust is golden, about 30 minutes more.

Formula courtesy of the National Honey Board