Tres Leches Cake Mix 1 / 50 LB

Alegria Tres Leches Dessert Mix 4 / 8.8 LB

Frozen WhippedTopping Non-Dairy 4 / 8.8 LB

Mirror Neutral Glaze 1 / 15 lb


Mix Bake & Soak

Make up the batter, following the directions provided on each bag of Trigal Dorado Tres Leches Cake Mix. Bake sheet layers. Cut sheet into rings or break into small pieces.

Cut & assemble

Add fresh fruit, lightly glazed with BakeSense Neutral Mirror Glaze, to the bottom of the parfait cup, then add Trigal Dorado Frozen Whipped Topping Non-Dairy. Soak cake in Trigal Dorado Alegría and place a small circle or broken pieces of the soaked cake over the topping layer.


Add topping and fresh fruit, then another soaked cake circle.


Finish by adding more topping and fresh fruit, then garnish with chocolate curls.


Recipe courtesy of BakeMark