1 Lb. 4 Oz. American Almond Almond, Macaroon or Kernel Paste 
8 Oz. Egg Whites (A) 
2 Lb. Granulated sugar  
1 Oz. Salt  
2 Lb. Unsalted Butter  
2 Lb. Shortening  
2 fl. oz. Vanilla Extract, 2-fold  
2 Lb. Egg Whites (B)  
3 Lb. Cake Flour  
3 Lb. Bread Flour  
For the Garnish:  Glacé Cherries as needed 


To make the Dough: Beat the American Almond® Almond Paste in the bowl of a mixer fitted with the paddle attachment on medium speed. Add a small amount of the egg whites (A) just to help loosen up the paste. Gradually add the sugar.

Add the butter and cream on high speed until mixed. Scrape the bowl then add the shortening.

With the machine on high, add the vanilla then the egg whites in three stages to make a light and fluffy batter.

Turn off the mixer. Add the flours then mix on low speed just until they are incorporated without over mixing.

Bag the cookies out onto parchment-lined sheet pans in the desired shapes (stars, shells, fingers, etc.)

Before baking, finish some of the cookies with glacé cherries, nuts or jam.

Bake the cookies at 380°F to 400°F until a light golden color, for approximately 10 minutes.

Finishing Ideas

Dip in chocolate and then colored sprinkles.

Sandwich two cookies with jams or warmed fudge icing.

Drizzle warmed colored fondant over them.


Formulation courtesy of American Almond