2 Lb. 8 Oz. Pastry Cream, made without butter
8 Oz. American Almond Almond Butter  
18 Streusel-Topped Éclair Shells 
1 Lb. 8 Oz. Ganache for Coating Éclairs and Pastry 
Brittle Crunch Meringue Garnish, made with almonds as needed


Combine the cold Pastry Cream with the American Almond Almond Butter. Puncture each end of the éclair shells.

Using a small pastry tip, fill each éclair with the Pastry Cream.

Heat the Ganache to 110° Dip each filled éclair into the ganache then sprinkle with some Brittle Crunch French Meringue garnish made with American Almond Almond Brittle Crunch.

Formula courtesy of American Almond