As needed Van Leer® Napa 65% dark chocolate
345 g Heavy Cream
28 g Instant French Roast Coffee
5 g Ground Cinnamon
45 g Glucose Syrup
57 g Salted Butter (room temperature)
1020 g Van Leer Kenosha milk chocolate
5 g Invertase
Garnish Cacao Barry® Chocolate Coffee Bean


Mould the desired shells with Napa 65% dark chocolate.

In a sauce pan, combine the heavy cream, instant French roast coffee, cinnamon and glucose and bring to a rolling boil.

Remove from the heat and add butter.

Pour into the Kenosha milk chocolate and mix well to create an emulsion. Add invertase.

Set aside covered and cool to 85°F.

Pipe into premade Napa 65% dark chocolate shells.

Let set overnight and close with tempered Napa 65% dark chocolate.

Unmould. Decorate with a chocolate coffee bean (pipe small amount of melted chocolate to secure on the top of each candy).

*Tip: For a perfect and stable emulsion, use an immersion blender.

Formulation courtesy of Van Leer