Ingredients Weight Measure
Gold Medal™ ZT Biscuit Mix 5 lbs 1 box
Sweet basil, dried, crushed - 2 tsp
Cayenne pepper - 1/2 tsp
Cheese, sharp cheddar, shredded 12 oz 3 cups
Carrots, fresh, shredded 12 oz 2 cups
Peppers, bell, green, fresh, chopped 6 oz 1 cup
Scallions, sliced 4 oz 1/2 cup
Water, cold (45-50°F) 2 lbs 8 oz 5 cups



Place biscuit mix, basil, cayenne pepper, cheese, carrots, bell peppers and scallions in mixer bowl. Dry blend on low speed using paddle attachment 1 minute.

Add water. Mix on low speed 1 minute.

Roll dough on floured surface into 9x30-inch rectangle. Cut 3x10 into 30 (3-inch) squares using pastry wheel. Cut diagonally through squares to make 60 triangles. Place on parchment-lined full sheet pans.


Convection Oven* 350°F 7-15 minutes
Standard Oven 400°F 15-20 minutes

*Rotate pans baked in convection oven one-half turn (180°) after 4 minutes of baking

Formulation courtesy of General Mills Convenience and Foodservice