Total Dough

Ingredients Baker's % Metric/g
Flour 60 270
Pastry flour 40 180
Butter 38 171
Salt .75 3
Sugar 100 451
Eggs, 3 large 35 158
Pumpkin puree 100 451
Cinnamon, ground .50 2
Nutmeg, ground .50 2
Cloves,ground .50 2
Allspice, ground .25 1
Baking soda 4 18
Walnuts, toasted and crushed 10 45
California Raisins, macerated 50 225
Total 439.5 1980


Twelve (12) hours before mixing, macerate raisins in rum, fruit juice or water (75°F) just to cover; let stand 12 hours. (Desired final macerated weight is approximately 72% raisins and 28% liquid.) Cream butter, salt and sugar in a mixing bowl, using a paddle attachment, until mixture is light and fluffy. Add eggs, one at a time, creaming well after each addition. Stir in pumpkin purée and mix lightly. In a separate bowl, sift together flours, spices and baking soda. Add slowly to creamed mixture and mix until smooth. Do not over mix. Drain raisins well and scale out to desired final weight. Fold walnuts and raisins into dough; mix together. Portion 3.9 ounces (110 grams) of batter into each greased or paper-lined muffin cup. Bake at 325?F for about 30 to 35 minutes.

Formulation Courtesy of California Raisin