Trigal Dorado Tres Leches Cake Mix
Westco Magic Angel Food Cake Mix
Trigal Dorado Whipped Topping
Trigal Dorado Mango, Guava, or Piña Filling
Westco Brite White


Bake full sheet layers of Tres Leches Cake, scaled at 5 lb per sheet. Remove them from the pan while warm, and brush them liberally with simple syrup.

Spread a thin layer of Mango, Guava, or Piña filling evenly over the entire layer. Roll the sheet lengthwise, forming a fairly large roll. Place the roll in the freezer until firm.

Remove the roll from the freezer, and cut immediately into four equal pieces. Place them on end on a cake board.

Using a wide decorating tip, ice the entire cake with our Trigal Dorado Whipped Topping. Then, decorate as desired.


Formulation courtesy of BakeMark