Tres Leches Cake Mix 1/50 lb

Alegria Tres Leches Dessert Mix 4/8.8 lb

Frozen Whipped Topping Non-Dairy 4/8.8 lb

Bavarian Crème Filling 1/36 lb

Cajeta Horneable (Bakestable) 5/2.2 lb

Mango Filling 1/40 lb

Pina Filling (Pineapple) 1/38 lb


Mix and Bake

Make up the batter, following the directions provided on each bag of Trigal Dorado Tres Leches Cake Mix. Using an 8” round mold, bake the cake rounds.


Turn and Let Cool

Remove the layers from the molds immediately after baking. Turn them over and let cool to allow an even, flat layer that will help make a level, finished cake.


Soak, Ice and Finish

Pipe a border of Trigal Dorado Frozen Whipped Topping Non-Dairy to each layer, then soak with Trigal Dorado Alegría. Repeat as needed, adding filling and fresh fruit, as desired. Finish by decorating with topping and fresh fruit.


Recipe courtesy of BakeMark