Peanut Butter Base

Ingredients Measurements
Crunchy peanut butter 900 g
Butter -
Salt 2g
Callebaut 50% Hazelnut Praline Paste 550 g
Callebaut 845 Milk Chocolate 150 g
Callebaut 60-40 Dark Chocolate 90 g
Cocoa butter 120 g



Mix the peanut butter, salt, and Callebaut 50% Hazelnut Praline Paste together.

Melt the Callebaut 845 Milk Chocolate, Callebaut 60-40 Dark Chocolate, and cocoa butter together to 113° F.

Incorporate the melted ingredients to the praline and peanut base and crystallize to 72° F.

Caramel Fill Ingredients

As needed Callebaut Caramel Fill

As needed Honey Roasted Peanuts


Fill the pre molded chocolate bar shells about 1/2 way with Callebaut Caramel Fill and top with honey roasted peanuts. Let set for 1 hour.

Cover with the Peanut Butter Base and close with crystallized chocolate.

Formulations courtesy Callebaut