684 g Van Leer Henna 41% milk chocolate CHM-WA-2062401-036

158 g heavy cream

21 g salted butter

19 g inverted sugar

67 g glucose 40 DE

27 g water

4 tsp ground cinnamon

1 tsp ground cloves

1 tsp ground mace

1/3 tsp ground ginger

1/5 tsp ground white pepper

1/5 tsp ground cardamom

1/5 tsp ground coriander seeds

1/5 tsp ground anise seeds

1/5 tsp grated nutmeg



Chop the chocolate in a food processor.

In a sauce pan, combine the cream, water, inverted sugar, spices, butter and glucose.

Heat up to 180°F / 82.2°C.

Pour warm liquids over chopped chocolate.

Cover and steep for two minutes.

Mix for 60 seconds.

Open lid and scrape down sides.

Stir to control the temperature - it should not exceed 98°F-100°F / 36.6°C-37.7°C.

If needed, mix for 15 second intervals to finish blending ingredients.

Take temperature of the ganache. It should not exceed 98°F-100°F / 36.6°C-37.7°C.

Pour in a prepared ganache frame, mold or silicone molds.

Set overnight and cut to size with wire cutter.

Enrobe with tempered chocolate.

Decorate with a Mona Lisa Gingerbread Man chocolate decoration.

Formulations courtesy of Van Leer