Ingredients Measurements
Unsalted cold butter 115 g
Granulated sugar 75 g
Brown sugar 165 g
Salt 1 pinch
Sodium bicarbonate 1/4 ts
Cinnamon powder 2.5 ts
Nutmeg powder 3/4 ts
Cloves powder 3/4 ts
White pepper powder 1/4 ts
Egg 50 g
All-purpose flour 235 g



Beat butter, sugar, brown sugar, salt, sodium bicarbonate, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and white pepper powder.

Add eggs and then add all-purpose flour.

Bake for 20 Minutes at 320°F.



Ingredients Measurements
Condensed milk 780 g
Butter 40 g
Callebaut cocoa powder CP 20 g
Black cocoa powder 10 g
Callebaut milk chocolate 823NV 200 g
Heavy cream 50 g



Cook slowly in low heat for almost 30 minutes. Keep stirring and then add heavy cream.

Formulation courtesy of Callebaut