175 g Banana Puree

475 g Whipping Cream

75 g Inverted Sugar

435 g Van Leer Manhattan 72% Dark Chocolate

95 g Butter

17 g Creme de Banana

Callebaut® Dark Truffle Shells

Speculoos Cookie Spread



Bring cream to a boil.

Add banana puree, Creme de Banana and inverted sugar. Heat and bring to a boil.

Slowly pour the mixture on the melted chocolate.

Mix until the temperature reaches 104°F / 40°C.

Add butter.

Emulsify with an immersion blender.

Leave the ganache to set for 24-36 hours.



Pipe Speculoos Cookie Spread inside each truffle shell.

Fill each truffle with banana ganache.

Set until the top of the ganache hardens. Top with a small amount of crystalized Van Leer Manhattan
72% chocolate.

Once the top has set, roll each truffle in a small amount of melted Manhattan 72% chocolate.

Before the chocolate completely sets, roll each truffle in crushed Speculoos Cookie.

Formulation courtesy of Van Leer