Ingredients Lbs.
Gluten Free Bread and Bun Mix 100.00
Water (Temp should be about 50 °F.) 95.00


Yeast, Compressed 3.50
Total Weight 220.50


Add all ingredients into bowl and mix w/paddle attachment.

2 minutes on low (1st speed).

Scrape down bowl and paddle, and mix 1 minute on high (2nd speed).

Scrape down bowl & paddle then remove the batter from mixer.

Dough Temp: 60 - 64°F.

Use medium grain rice flour as a dusting agent.

Scale 22 oz and form into loaves.

Place into standard loaf pans.

Proof at 95°F, 80-85% R.H. about 45- 50 minutes.

Bake at 420°F for 10 minutes with 5 seconds steam,then release steam. Increase temperature to 440 -450°F & bake 30 more minutes.

Formula courtesy of Corbion Caravan