Building off of the success of the initial "Support Our Troops Moose Munch Bar Drive," famed gourmet gifts retailer Harry & David will once again deliver its famed Moose Munch Bars to soldiers serving in combat. In Afghanistan and other desert regions, the 100-degree heat melts the signature chocolate, caramel corn and nuts confection into a lusciously gooey treat.

Since its inception, the "Support Our Troops Moose Munch Bar Drive" has shipped over 115,000 bars to soldiers overseas. As part of the initiative, Harry & David stores nationwide will once again offer customers the opportunity to purchase Moose Munch Bars and donate them to soldiers along with a personalized message. Each bar and note is packaged with a plastic spoon and boxed for pickup via Soldiers Angels, a non-profit agency that ships care packages to U.S. soldiers in combat.

Harry & David customers have embraced the Moose Munch Bar drive to such an extent, that more than three times the usual number of Moose Munch Bars have been sold since the program began. The program is unique in that most perishable dessert items are not capable of being sent into war zones due to the climate limitations. Moose Munch Bars are not only able to endure high temperatures, but are often one of the most requested items from soldiers serving in combat. This year, Harry & David will be increasing its commitment to these soldiers by assisting in the cost of shipping for the "Support Our Troops" campaign.

"We're delighted to support our troops on the front lines," said Steve Heyer, CEO of Harry & David. "The program gives our customers the opportunity to give back to soldiers who have already given so much of themselves for our country."

The Harry & David "Support Our Troops Moose Munch Bar Drive" launched nationwide on October 15th and will continue until November 14, 2010. Moose Munch Bars retail for $2.50 each or $4.00 for two. For Harry & David store locations nationwide and for more information, visit