In honor of National Coffee Day, Filterfresh Coffee Service, Inc., a leading provider of home and office coffee products and supplies, released its 2010 Filterfresh Coffee Report. The report spills the beans on coffee drinking habits among Americans and reveals that they will go to great lengths to ensure they have their daily cup O' Joe. In fact, 54 percent of survey respondents said they would give up their cell phone before giving up their daily cup of coffee.

The report indicates that Americans turn to coffee for their daily shot of caffeine. 95 percent of survey respondents receive their daily shot of caffeine from coffee, over tea, soda and energy drinks. The survey also reveals:

  • 59 percent of those surveyed drink two to three cups of coffee per day
  • 72 percent of those surveyed say coffee improves their mental focus
  • 82 percent of those surveyed say coffee is not a meal replacement

While consumers love coffee, their peers aren't so hooked on the coffee breath that is left behind. 32 percent of survey respondents said they would tell someone if they had coffee breath, while the remaining 68 percent would suffer in silence. Coffee seems to have additional benefits for some. In fact, 52 percent of respondents reported that drinking coffee couldn't hurt in improving their libido.

When it comes to the workplace, people turn to coffee to get them through their workday. According to the survey, 90 percent of respondents drink coffee in the morning, and 72 percent drink it with their co-workers. Additionally, 30 percent of respondents indicated that they would not meet with their boss prior to their morning cup of coffee, while another 36 percent indicated that it depended upon the day. One of the most widely-loathed workplace peeves takes place when someone reaches for the coffee pot, only to find it empty. The survey indicated that most people (69 percent) would most likely help out their caffeinated co-workers by making the next pot, while 24 percent said that it is not their job.

Filterfresh, a leading provider of coffee service to offices and businesses across the United States for more than 20 years, is also launching a video contest that asks folks to show why they are the most caffeinated person in America.

"We know that coffee provides the jump start Americans depend on to begin their day and we want to award a prize to the individual or office that stands above all others," said Dave Larimer, President of Filterfresh Coffee Service. "We will have a panel of respected coffee bloggers and writers judging the contest and will invite America to vote for the best video from the three finalists."

The contest rules will be available online at in mid-October. Final entries will be due by January 15, 2011. The winning entry will be selected on January 31, 2011 and announced on the company's website.