I remember the day that photo cakes came into the bakery. Wow, they were a big hit.  Now you can get them everywhere, you can have them put on cakes, cupcakes and cookies.  My clients have requested them on just about everything. Now it’s time to take picture cakes to the next level creatively, inexpensively and easily. With the new Spellbinders® Sweet Accents™ for Icing Images® Professional Cake Decorating Machine you can create unique picture cakes and make your cakes the ones everyone wants to order.

By using the new food safe Spellbinders® Sweet Accents™ for Icing Images® professional cake decorating machine you can add photo mats and color frames to your photo cakes. Whether you make round cakes, square cakes, quarter sheet cakes, cupcakes, mini cakes, or tea cakes, the new Spellbinders Sweet Accents Professional system works.  It is powerful but compact, so it doesn’t take up valuable space, nor does it require electricity or a computer. It is easy as 1... 2... 3...








1. Print your edible picture just as you normally would.









2. Choose your food grade die from the Spellbinders Sweet Accents collection. Choose from one of the many designer premium icing sheets from Icing Images and cut the picture and frames using the Spellbinders Sweet Accents System. Save your extra pieces for cutting out the flowers
















3. Design your cake.

Here are some other ideas using the same Spellbinders® Sweet Accents™ for Icing Images® Professional Cake Decorating Machine and Premium Icing Sheets, Colored Sheets and iiDesigns™.

Give your cakes sweet accents and see your profits soar above your competition. Use it to create a beautiful shaped picture or accent backgrounds for the tops of designer cakes using gum paste flowers, a great way to add an artistic touch to your cakes. It's the best way to easily upscale your designs and increase your profits

If you work with buttercream cakes remember that when using Spellbinders Sweet Accents the tops don’t have to be perfectly smooth because the die cut background covers it up.

To see other unique cake ideas using the same Spellbinders Sweet Accents for Icing Images Professional Cake Decorating Machine and Premium Icing Sheets, Colored Sheets and iiDesigns view our picture gallery. To see more examples and step by step instructions as well as video clips check out www.icingimages.com.

I will be demonstrating this amazingly easy cake decorating machine, please stop by and visit me at ICES in Kentucky or IBIE in Las Vegas and try this for yourself.  This system allows you to make your cakes stand out amongst your competition and is so simple and inexpensive to use.

Videos and custom classes are available to help your business grow. I am proud to be an integral member of the Icing Images Design Team that is introducing this new concept in decorating to the bakery industry.

Take if from a Chef, sometimes easy is better.






Chef Mike E. Terry, CMSA


Cakes decorated using iiDesigns, Designer Sheets, Sweet Accents Machine, Choco-Pan Chocolate Fondant, Gum Paste Flowers and Sugar Pearls