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Incentivizing Staff
bakemag.com, August 1, 2012
by Staff

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Reliable, motivated and proud employees are essential for the success of any business model. In many cases, optimizing your employees’ performance and enthusiasm significantly relies on leadership and rewards programs. The following is a collection of notable strategies that can help improve your sales and encourage your staff’s enthusiasm.

One of the most practical methods to achieving goals is by setting them. Set sales goals and notify your staff. These goals can be based on selling particular items or meeting a preset profit. Set them daily, weekly or monthly. Then develop a performance-based reward system for meeting these goals. The more frequently the goals are set, the more vigilant employees will be at reaching them. For instance, a goal set for the end of the month will not be as effective as a goal set for the end of the week. Whether it’s a monetary incentive, a parking spot or a gift card, it is essential that the reward is one that your employees will find valuable.

The key to success with any profession is a desire to do it well. Whether it’s on a basketball court or in a retail store, competition can incite tremendous energy. Set up opportunities for your employees to compete against one another. In many cases, it can be as simple as whoever sells the most cookies or specialty items by Friday receives a gift card. This sales game not only promotes staff to prioritize selling particular items and to elevate their efforts, but it can also make your workplace a fun and engaging environment.

As an employer, demonstrating your concern for employees’ well-being and professional development is vital in proving their importance to the company. Employees, especially young staff, value businesses that strongly support employees. For instance, it’s important as an employer to allow time off for personal matters. Treating each of your employees as individuals is key to displaying your concern and involvement in their career. In addition, offer opportunities that will develop their talents and responsibilities. Paying for members of your staff to attend cake decorating classes or bringing them to trade shows can show your willingness to invest in their future. Caring about your staff is one of the best ways to motivate dedication to your business.

While having set goals and rewards is helpful in motivating employees, spontaneous rewards can be equally influential. Occasionally, unique situations offer opportunities for employees to go beyond their call of duty. These are situations that may not be predictable. For instance, giving an employee a small prize like a gift card for picking up trash in the parking lot or working an unusually long shift can motivate staff to go above and beyond. It not only will improve their concern for your business’ success, but it also will show that you notice and care about their efforts to improve your business.

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