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For eblast examples and frequently asked questions click here.

Acceptable file format: html only

Materials due date: all materials must be received 5 days prior to the launch date.

Submit files to: webads@sosland.com


• HTML files for eblasts must be created in Dreamweaver or Frontpage with active links coded into the page. Powerpoint, Publisher files and Word documents will NOT be accepted and HTML files created with these programs are also unacceptable. Flash, Rich Media, Image Maps and Javsacript are not available in e-mail products.
• Avoid using absolute paths to remote style sheets. Outlook 2007 does not render these properly.
• Submit both html and back-up text versions (include text that appears in graphics)
• Full image paths in the code must be used (ex: http://www.domain.com/images/graphic1.jpg) and images hosted on your server.
• Image width maximum: 700 pixels
• Specify the subject line (recommended 6 words maximum)

If you'd like us to create the email blast for you, a $100 design charge will apply. Please send the following information to cfluegge@sosland.com

• 1-3 paragraphs of informational ad copy
• Detailed linking instructions (what words or images should be links and what URL or e-mail address they should link to)
• Artwork/images
• Specify subject line (recommended 6 words maximum)