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Sosland Publishing Co.
(Business hours 8am to 5pm Central time)
4801 Main St., Suite 650, Kansas City, MO 64112 USA
Phone 816-756-1000; Fax 816-756-0494

John Unrein, Editor, bake and instore
Bob Sims, Assistant Editor, bake and instore
Anna Wiber, Assistant Editor, bake and instore
Vanessa McKenzie, Editorial Designer

L. Joshua Sosland, Editor
Keith Nunes, Executive Editor
Jay S. Sjerven, Senior Editor, markets
Eric J. Schroeder, Managing Editor
Jeff Gelski, Associate Editor
Ron Sterk, Assistant Editor
Dan Malovany, Editor, Baking & Snack
Laurie Gorton, Executive Editor, Baking & Snack
Joel Crews, Editor, Meat & Poultry