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You determine the winner!

To Vote for America’s Best Bakery go to BakingBuyer.com Watch short videos from our bakery finalists and cast your vote. Finalists were selected by Baking Buyer’s editorial team and featured on Discovering America’s Bakeries sponsored exclusively by Dawn Food Products, Inc. Voters are automatically enrolled for a chance to win an iPad.

Due to the overwhelming voter response we are extending the contest period from Monday, April 4 to Friday, April 8 at 4 p.m. to allow all votes to get in.

Look for the winning bakery on the cover of the May Baking Buyer issue!
For official contest rules click here

Manderfield’s Home Bakery
Appleton, WI
Roeser’s Bakery
Chicago, IL
PinkaBella Cupcakes
Seattle, WA
Zingerman’s Bakehouse
Ann Arbor, MI
Kiedrowski’s Simply Delicious Bakery
Cleveland, OH
Deerfields Bakery
Deerfield, IL
Haydel’s Bakery
New Orleans, LA
Frost Doughnuts
Mill Creek, WA
Cake Nouveau
Ann Arbor, MI

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